Album Review: Levi Fuller & The Library - The Wonders That There Are

Levi Fuller has been involved with several Seattle based bands over the years and is the mastermind behind the Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly among many other hats he wears in the local music scene.  For The Wonders That There AreLevi Fuller's fourth album he's assembled a group of veteran and formally educated musicians who are up to the task of tackling the varied styles and moods across the 11 tracks on this record.

Stripped down and melodic at times and flooded with effects and dissonance at others, the songs push and pull the listener between moods while drawing on literary influences that inspire Levi's lyrics.  From country-flavored rockers and alternative ballads they cover the wide range of styles with ease.  This album will take a while to sink in and you'll enjoy each and every listen as it does.

The album was recorded by Kevin Suggs at the Imperial Room and was mastered by Mell Dettmer.


The Wonders That There Are Track Listing:
1.) With Age Wisdom
2.) They Like You
3.) Free Men
4.) Hide and Seek
5.) Try to See
6.) Helium Balloon
7.) I Eat Clouds
8.) Feet of an Oracle
9.) Say It Again
10.) Freedom Is Slavery
11.) The Blue


Be sure to catch Levi Fuller & The Library at Conor Byrne Pub in Seattle on Saturday November 15 for their dual CD release show with GravelRoad