Album Review: Cabana, The Cabana EP

Psychedelic music today has reached its span to every genre. From Psychedelic Jazz, to Psych-pop, and good old Psychedelic Rock. There’s druggy music out there for anyone to enjoy. Today I’m here to talk about an up and coming Seattle psych-pop group called Cabana. This psychedelic music is for the modern Seattleite. Following in the footsteps of predecessors such as Elephant Stone and MGMT Cabana has put their own “Seattle spin” on the genre. They use mellow guitar riffs filtered through reverb. Blending with their dreamy vocals that echo this cities heartbeat. As I’m writing this their music is filling my headphones; accompanying the luminous grey haze thats floating outside everyone’s window. But I have to say with the new Cabana E.P. playing I find solace in the ever-present grey. It seems comfoting like a blanket tucking the city into bed.

The Cabana E.P. consists of five songs. In order they are: Green Dream, Warmest Night, Eli, Presence Trick Beat, and Silent Lady.

Green Dream is an instrumental track lined with feedback, and distorted echoing guitars. It sets the dreamy psychedelic mood for the album before the catchy guitar riffs start at the beginning of “Warmest Night”. Warmest Night picks up the pace giving you something to bob your head to while maintaining that dreamy feel. Then the song Eli comes on. This song is by far the most popular song, and the catchiest. (The vocal line hasn’t left my head for the last four days.) With swirling psychedelic guitar lines and a mellow feel it’s a great song to lay back and have a cigarette too, or smoke a bowl of Green Dream. After “Eli” dies out “Presence Trick Beat” picks up the pace again. This song brings your mood from content to angsty and back a few times. Then it turns into a wall of reverb and distortion with drums cutting through to keep your ears on track. And just as it stops without losing a beat my favorite song on the album Silent Lady starts. This song is the slow grand finally really emphasising the dreamy reverby psychedelic guitar. Leaving you in a mood of comfort tucked under the blanket of clouds that cover the city of seattle.

The Cabana E.P. is available on their bandcamp page for a “name your own price” cost. I would recommend that you go download it, and give them what you can. It’s a good album so give it a try.


Review by Josh Craig