Album Review: Fox and The Law – Empty Cases

Guy Keltner - Guitar & Vocals

Peter Williams - Guitar

Dan O - Drums

Patrick Dougherty - Bass

Empty Cases is Fox and The Law’s second full length album and was self-released in September 2013. 

It was recorded at Funk Farm, mixed, mastered and produced by Graig Markel.   This is the first album since the departure of guitar player Ryan Granger who is now pursuing The Grizzled Mighty as his full time gig.

The current lineup allows guitar player Guy Keltner the ability to stretch out with a solid and relentless rhythm section that’s always where it needs to be as he delivers uproarious vocals and relentless guitar solos.  Hendrix style riffs with authentic references to funk and R&B is great to see in Seattle rock these days.  Actual guitar solos from a competent and enthusiastic player.  Unrepentantly rock and roll with big booming bass and drums, full of rock and roll riffs.  It’s consistent and rooted in the type of great rock and roll that really put Seattle on the map throughout the decades.   Solid song writing without sacrificing the soul of the songs to create shallow pop junk.  Although familiar sounding in some ways, it’s more daring than what you’ll hear from many bands in Seattle right now.

The album is stacked full of heavy blues rock rippers that starts with the deep grooves on Innocense, and restless driving beats full of solid guitar leads and riffs on Easy Rider.  Stitches comes on with some tasty slow jams and opens up into a heavier full bore rocker. 

The Fox and The Law will be playing The Moe 20 Neumos 10th Anniversary Show on January 16 with Brent Amaker and The Rodeo.

review by Irvin James Wheeler